Need Frequency help!
766li, Thu Apr 30 2020, 12:36am

Anyone able to confirm/clear up some confusion with these and their use?

Central Islip FD Dispatch and OPS (I have 2 different OPS and 1 Dispatch from outdated info)
Ronkonkoma FD Dispatch
Centereach FD Mall Repeater (I think they have their own and another for mutual aid?)
Selden FD Dispatch and OPS (I have a low band, 1 VHF and 2 repeated UHF. the UHFs are listed as firegrounds on radioreference.)
Farmingville FD Dispatch and OPS (I have 3 different OPS for this dept.)
Setauket FD Dispatch and OPS (Are they the same freq?)
Stonybrook FD Dispatch and OPS

Thanks in advance to whoever is able to help me out. I appreciate it.

Re: Need Frequency help!
nyscan00, Thu Apr 30 2020, 06:13pm

Here is what I can confirm from your list :
Ctrl Islip Disp/Ops 460.100 d431
Ronko Page 460.625 d071
Ronko Ops 464.175 77.0
Cent mall Rptr 460.2625 100.0
Selden Page 453.625 179.9
Selden Ops 471.0125 D132
Farmingville Disp/Ops 470.7625 D023
Setauket Page 470.3875 D546
Setauket Ops 470.7375 D734
StonyBrook Page/ FG 482.875 77.0
StonyBrook Ops 482.5625 71.9

Re: Need Frequency help!
RADIOTECH, Fri May 01 2020, 10:19pm

CIFD Pages and Ops on same freq as above
CIFD FG is 460.1875 DCS 371

Re: Need Frequency help!
766li, Thu May 07 2020, 06:27pm

Appreciate the help guys, thanks.