Statewide Wireless Network
Dave3825us, Sun May 10 2020, 01:42pm

Anyone know who the group of guys are on Statewide Wireless Network tg 112 on 800? Daily radio checks and foot patrols it seems. Lots of latrine breaks. I did hear some of this mentioned, 2 guys watching for water and fire intatch. and "fiber region lima charlie". They id as whisky bravo, sierra bravo..

Any ideas?


Re: Statewide Wireless Network
GTR8000, Mon May 11 2020, 03:02am

I think the better question is...what in the hell is that TG, and how did it get into the RRDB as it currently is? NYS shitcanned the SWN over a decade ago, and there is no such thing as a "Statewide Wireless Network". That TG is all sorts of stupid being listed that way, so I'm removing it. If anyone figures out who is on 112, feel free to submit it to the Suffolk County SZ system, but until then...buh bye 112.

112 SWN Statewide Wireless Network Fire-Tac

Re: Statewide Wireless Network
Dave3825us, Mon May 11 2020, 12:32pm

During one of the last major snow storms it was used. I saw and heard Babylon EOC checking in with someone in Nassau. At other times it did sound like official comms but lately it sounds like security guys checking in.

Re: Statewide Wireless Network
Dave3825us, Wed May 13 2020, 11:03am

During radio checks this morning I heard them say "tents 1 and 2 look good" and a guy from HO Penn is here to work on generators. Wonder if this is related to the virus.

HO Penn is a machinery rental, repair and service company.

Re: Statewide Wireless Network
Dave3825us, Mon May 18 2020, 12:30pm

Latrine breaks. Guy here for fire watch. I wonder if these are Suffolk county security officers.

Re: Statewide Wireless Network
Dave3825us, Fri May 22 2020, 01:05pm

I am pretty confident that based on some of what I have heard, that the people on this tg are national guard. They sound like they are not from around here and they dont use 10 codes or any identifiers that nyspd or scpd use. 1 guy was responded "I copy you sergeant".