SDS 200
w2rfa, Wed Jul 29 2020, 04:24pm

Now that this radio has been out for awhile, those of you that have it...what do you think of it? My only base radio that I have presently is the BCD 996T, so that goes back a few years.I won't lie, I also have a BC 780XLT in the garage and since it doesn't support rebanding I use it mostly for FD listening. I have a BCD436HP that I use but honestly I just don't spend enough time with it so it gets a little frustrating using it as I'm not that familiar or should I say I forgot how to use it! Anyway opinions on the SDS200? I would get the DMR key as there is alot of DMR activity around, plus I can hook it up to receive my OpenSpot. Long Islanders, any reason to get ProVoice or NXDN keys? Any activity on Long Island in those modes? Ever since Nassau PD went encrypted it really knocked the wind out of my scanner listening sails! Always like to hear what actual users think of these radios rather than just a review written up somewhere. Thanks for any info you can throw my way! Oh yeah, I see it's the same price no matter where you get it. Guess it's too new for any type of sales.