SCPD Helo's ?
Dave3825us, Sun Sep 20 2020, 08:07pm

Are their choppers tied up or down for maintenance? Just heard Nassau Helo 4 on Command band for medevac from 4th pct. They transported by ground but helo was 3 minutes away. I have not really been able to listen to my scanner much today so that's why I am asking.

Re: SCPD Helo's ?
RADIOTECH, Sun Sep 20 2020, 08:28pm

Not sure, but sometimes Nassau will cover if Suffolk is tied up, or sometimes on the western end when Nassau is closer than Suffolk. Suffolk has at-least 4 helos, so I doubt they’re all down for maintenance.

Re: SCPD Helo's ?
Dave3825us, Mon Sep 21 2020, 01:36am

Thanks for the reply. Saw on the news there was a big Trump parade . Maybe that played a roll.