Bohemia FD ?
mikey224, Thu Feb 18 2021, 08:41pm

Can anybody confirm Bohemia FD'S Fireground "Tac 1" PL Tone for 465.050? They were using DPL 371 but I ran across a recently programmed radio that had TPL 162.2, wondering if its an error or they had it changed......

Re: Bohemia FD ?
RADIOTECH, Fri Feb 19 2021, 02:44am

This site and Radioref has 371 for their tac 1 and tac 2.

Our dept radios have had 162.2 as their tac PL for years.

Re: Bohemia FD ?
mikey224, Fri Feb 19 2021, 02:53am

Thank you, I knew something was up....