Programming Suffolk Trunk System into BCT15
fireguy1125, Sat Jul 24 2021, 09:28pm

Hello all,

It's been a few years since listening back to conventional frequencies when I lived in Nassau. I've found my older Uniden BCT15 scanner, and now that I'm in Suffolk, am trying to program the Trunked PD system. I spent a fair amount of time reading through the BCT15 manual and believe I configured everything correctly.

-Setup a new Suffolk trunked system, with ID Search enabled.
--Within the the Suffolk trunked system, created a new SCPD site
---Within the SCPD site, programmed all the listed 800Mhz frequencies
--Within the Suffolk trunked system, created several Groups
---Each group has the channels with the programmed Talk Group ID

I set a new Quick Key for the SCPD site to use 0. That is the only Quick Key enabled to scan.

Initially within the SCPD site, I had the Control Channel option On, with only the 2 control channel frequencies set, but wasn't getting any activity.
I then went back and added all the remaining Trunked system frequncies, set the Control Channel option to Off, but still not getting any activity.

Not sure what else I'm missing here. The live scanner feeds definitely have activity on this channels I programmed, and the IDs on the live scanner feeds is what I have programmed in the BCT15.

I'm located in Huntington about 200 ft elevation, and using the original telescoping antenna connected directly to the BCT15.

This is the first time I'm programming in the 800Mhz Trunked range, I've only worked with conventional UHF 450-512 ranges.

I greatly appreciate any suggestions and advice!

Re: Programming Suffolk Trunk System into BCT15
fireguy1125, Tue Jul 27 2021, 05:42pm

In doing some additional research it seems the frequency list I was referencing from another website contains outdated frequency ranges. Plugging in the new rebanded 800Mhz range obtained on this site, I'm hearing activity now, although incomplete transmissions. I also found out that I need a firmware update for the BCT15 in order to have the ability to complete programming of all rebanded frequencies.

Re: Programming Suffolk Trunk System into BCT15
PFD Mike, Fri Jul 30 2021, 01:32am

You may need to adjust the band plan for the re-banding.

Re: Programming Suffolk Trunk System into BCT15
PFD Mike, Fri Jul 30 2021, 01:42am

Try this in band plan

Uniden 800mhz Rebanding Table

Band Plan 1 Base Freq (lower) 851.0250 Base Freq (upper) 854.0000 Offset 440 Polarity + Spacing 25 khz

Band Plan 2 Base Freq (lower) 851.0125 Base Freq (upper) 868.987 Offset 0 Polarity + Spacing 25 khz