155.76 USCG broadcasts
Dave3825us, Tue Aug 03 2021, 11:49am

Been picking up USCG broadcasts, or rebroadcasts on 155.76 for a while now. Looked up the freq and nothing stands out. Suffolk County has a license for the said freq and 465.1625 which I have not received anything on as of yet.

WQHQ526 [link]

Anyone familiar with either the Suffolk license or who might be using the freq?

Re: 155.76 USCG broadcasts
Darkstar350, Thu Aug 05 2021, 01:08am

MTA is also licensed for this freq WPRW301 [link]

Re: 155.76 USCG broadcasts
Dave3825us, Wed Aug 18 2021, 01:16pm

Heard it again this am. Coast Guard warnings all over from Freeport, to Lindenhurst and something in Connecticut .