Uhf radio id?
Dave3825us, Sun Dec 19 2021, 12:25am

Heard Santa today and heard a unit saying if the dispatcher saw an emergency alert pop up, it was him, and then he asked what id showed up. Do these uhf radios have the ability to send emergency alerts? Is this decodable at all?


Re: Uhf radio id?
GTR8000, Sun Dec 19 2021, 02:23am

Which frequencies, the analog 800 FG? Sure, MDC-1200, you should be hearing the PTT ID squawks.

Re: Uhf radio id?
GTR8000, Sun Dec 19 2021, 02:24am

Oh, you said "UHF" frequencies. Exactly what are you referring to, which specific frequency?

Re: Uhf radio id?
Dave3825us, Sun Dec 19 2021, 04:28am

It was Islip Terrace fd on 476.975. I heard some similar talk on I believe East Islip or Oakdale about a month ago about an emergency key on a portable being activated. That was in the 460 MHz range.

Re: Uhf radio id?
GTR8000, Sun Dec 19 2021, 06:23am

Any analog frequency can have MDC enabled for PTT ID and/or emergency activation. Most modern radios have a button intended for emergency activation, usually colored orange and located on top of the portables or on the front of the mobile/control head.

Do you not hear the MDC squawk on these fireground channels? I'd be pretty surprised if they weren't using it...my dept was using that way back in 1994 and still does to this day. The most common setup for FG in and around NYC is for Post-ID, i.e. MDC blast when the radio de-keys.

Most modern dispatch consoles can show the ID and/or alias assigned to the ID. The receiver tied to the console decodes the MDC ID and passes it along to the interface. Emergency is no different, it's just a different blast that's encoded and processed on the receiving end. Modern radios like the APX can also decode an MDC emergency same as they can a P25 emergency, and can be programmed to sound a tone and change the display color to orange upon receipt of a P25 or MDC emergency.

For reference...Rockland County 911 aka 44-Control has GPW 8000 receivers at all 12 trunked subsites throughout the county...6 per site receiving each countywide UHF FG channel. Those receivers are voted back at the system core, and every MCC 7500 console has each channel as a conventional RX only resource. The dispatchers can monitor FG operations, as well as see the MDC ID/alias for each transmission, and if someone hits the emergency button on a UHF radio, the consoles alert for those as well.

Re: Uhf radio id?
Dave3825us, Mon Dec 20 2021, 06:12pm

I do hear squawks at times. Not sure if relevant but this was heard on their dispatch freg and not a fire ground channel. Is there software I can run with sdr# or something on a pc that would display rid's?

Re: Uhf radio id?
EastIslipFD161, Tue Dec 21 2021, 06:36pm

It’s a mayday button that is used if a ff is in distress at a fire scene. Each portable radio has an identifier which would sent the dispatcher a signal when activated. The portable is assigned to the position of the ff on each rig