liweather13, Tue Jan 27 2009, 11:24pm

hi does anyone have any REAL info on what trunking freqencys the nysp use???

so i can lison to them on my scanner.

please reply with a REAL answer.


Have a great day!


Re: NYSP???
ipfd320, Wed Jan 28 2009, 03:43am

as of now the s.p--1L / 2L units are using 155.460 sometimes switching off to 158.835 as for trunking go to top of page click on freq / codes...scroll down to ny state pd click..then to troop L....scroll down....hope that help you out

Re: NYSP???
kmilcar78, Tue Mar 05 2019, 09:28pm

I Have a question I have a police scanner I can't pickup NYSP Troop L and Base L1 Mobile Tactiacl also Parkways so with do I do when is Activities turn off delay?

Re: NYSP???
Dave3825us, Wed Mar 06 2019, 12:11am

If you have a delay set, with those freqs mentioned above, you will miss activities. Turn dely of and get a good antenna

Re: NYSP???
kmilcar78, Sat Mar 09 2019, 07:32pm

so question witch in order to catch all the the activities what delay I have to set?

Re: NYSP???
PFD Mike, Sat Mar 09 2019, 07:44pm

If you have a delay set then your scanner will wait on that channel. You will probably miss part or all of the response on the other channel. When the base is on one channel and the units in the field answer on another do not use any delay. I hope that helps you.

Re: NYSP???
kmilcar78, Sat Mar 09 2019, 09:07pm

so quick question if I leave delay off I should pickup alot of activities on my
pro 651 scanner correct?

Re: NYSP???
PFD Mike, Sat Mar 09 2019, 10:40pm

Delay only holds your radio on a frequency, so you can hear the reply.

Turn delay off if the base and field units use two different frequencies. Your scanner will look for more activity, instead of waiting for 2 seconds before starting to scan.

Re: NYSP???
Dave3825us, Sat Mar 09 2019, 11:20pm

System deley holds on a system for the time set.

Channel delay holds that freq for the time set.

Group delay holds on a group for the time set.

Remove any delay from any freq that is nysp.

Re: NYSP???
w2lie, Sun Mar 10 2019, 03:40am

NYSPD are POINT TO POINT, no repeaters.
You'll most likely hear Troop L dispatch without any problems.

Receiving car to car or car back to base may be challenging if you don't have a good outside antenna or are not in close proximity of the RMP doing the transmitting.

Re: NYSP???
kmilcar78, Sat Nov 30 2019, 05:37pm

so quick question if I switch delay off I sould
Pickup alot of Activities correct?

Re: NYSP???
emfd57, Sat Nov 30 2019, 06:59pm

I live in a condo and i do not have very good reception on my scanner. I do not pick up the state police at all.