Jones Beach Air Show returns to
w2lie, Mon May 21 2007, 02:55am

For the 2nd year running, you will be able to listen online to the Air Show at Jones Beach at

The feed will start on Tuesday, May 22nd - so that you may hear the Thunderbirds come into Republic Airport.

I will be posting the frequencies that I will be scanning for the air show some time this week. If you know of any good frequencies, please let me know.

I will also be archiving the audio from the air show, and hope to put it online when I get a chance.

Here is the schedule, from the Bethpage Federal Credit Union website

Airshow and Flying times
Tuesday, May 22
1:50pm Thunderbirds arrive Republic Airport
Thurday, May 24
10am - 11am Thunderbirds practice #1
2pm - 3pm Thunderbirds practice #2
Friday, May 25
10am - 2pm Practice air show
11am NYAS Press Conference at Jones Beach
Saturday / Sunday, May 26 & 27
10:00 am -10:05 am Sean D. Tucker / Columbia 400
10:06 am -10:16 am Matt Chapman � ERAU CAP 232
10:17 am -10:27 am Mike Mancuso � BPFCU Extra 300
10:28 am -10:53 am Golden Knights
10:54 am -11:04 am David Windmiller
11:05 am - 11:15 am Ed Hamill � AFR Dream Machine
11:16 am - 11:36 am Navy Leap Frogs
11:37 am -11:47 am John Klatt � ANG S-300D
11:48 am -11:58 am B-1 Bomber
11:59 am -12:19 pm NY ANG Rescue Demo
12:20 pm-12:40 pm GEICO Skytypers
12:41 pm-12:51 pm A-10 Thunderbolt
12:52 pm-1:02 pm A-10 / F-86 Heritage Flight
1:03 pm - 1:13 pm Chapman / Mancuso Formation
1:14 pm -1:34 pm AAM / WOLI Warbirds
1:35 pm - 1:45 pm F/A-18F Super Hornet
1:46 pm - 1:58 pm Sean D. Tucker � Oracle Challenger
2:00 pm Thunderbirds

You can listen to clips from Last Year's Air Show here

Re: Jones Beach Air Show returns to
k2epm, Mon May 21 2007, 05:04pm

GREAT Info, thanks.

Re: Jones Beach Air Show returns to
daviddd, Mon May 21 2007, 05:51pm

Thanks for the hard work you put into the "Live From Jones Beach" Air Show Phil. It's a special treat for those of us that can not make it to the show.
David D.

Re: Jones Beach Air Show returns to
k2epm, Tue May 22 2007, 02:14am

These are the frequencies I used in a Uniden BC250 back in 2005, the last time the T-Birds were in for the Air Show. (Last year it was the Blue Angels)

I am sorry I don't have any descriptions of what each frequency was used for, but maybe someone can build on it.

I do have it in ARC250 format for those of you with a BC250 or BC785. This year I will probably migrate them over to my Pro-96 using WIN96 or I might use a Pro-97 with ScanCat lite.... I also have a BC396T, but I am a bit skeptical about taking a $500+ scanner to the on second though.... I guess I will use the Pro-97 this time around.

2005 Jones Beach Airshow
0269.0000 NY Appr
0353.7500 NY Appr
0281.5500 JFK TWR
0128.2500 Air Boss
0155.4600 Troop-L
0155.5650 NYSP-BCI
0159.2550 NYS PP CH-2
0159.3900 NYS PARKS
0159.2250 NYS DEC
0172.2750 ENCON REG 1
0154.6650 NYSP CH-2
0154.6950 NYSP CH-3

Re: Jones Beach Air Show returns to
w2lie, Tue May 22 2007, 05:36am

Thanks for the list, Big Ed. Maybe I'll see you down there....

Here is the list of freqs that I will be scanning and streaming online.
(Sorry for the way the tables look, there has to be a bug in the website, because I can't get tables to render correctly!!)

Anyway, here is the link, or you can also grab it from the main NAV menu under Frequencies/Codes

Re: Jones Beach Air Show returns to
WB2UZR, Tue May 22 2007, 12:16pm

Looking forward to this feed, as of 0800 on 5/22 not up yet. Guess it will come online later this afternoon?


Re: Jones Beach Air Show returns to
w2lie, Tue May 22 2007, 12:56pm

Yes Scott, the Feed isn't up yet. I didn't finish setting everything up until 2am last night. I wanted to make sure I had a good few hours to listen to it in the morning before I put it public....

 I set the feed to auto start at 9am. hopefully in 5 minutes you'll see the feed come up.

I still need to clean up the alpha tags.. Not all of them are registering. I'll work on that tonight.

You can check the feed status here -> [link] Or via the NAV menu above.. by clicking Listen Live -> Live Feed Info -> Feed Stats/What's On

Re: Jones Beach Air Show returns to
WB2UZR, Tue May 22 2007, 01:02pm

up at 9:01, now thats service!! Audio might be a skosh low, sounds good!


Re: Jones Beach Air Show returns to
w2lie, Tue May 22 2007, 01:35pm

I bumped the audio a touch.

Check out this site, has some great info on times, and the airport setup.