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New Suffolk County Trunk System OBSERVATIONS

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Posted: Tue Apr 20 2021, 02:26pm
Posted by: Dave3825usPosts: 1049
Old Display Name: Dave
Premium Member Premium MemberJoined: Fri Mar 24 2006, 10:47pm

Asking for clarity and opinion on a few of the new listings in the db before maybe submitting additions / corrections.

I believe the tg's that have a 2, 20 and 200 prefix are being broadcast over the East Hampton system, as mentioned here, [link]

Shouldn't they be referenced some how to indicate use on the East Hampton system or patched for more coverage? I labeled them all in Sdrtrunk with patch appended to the end and locked them all out as all they do is create double recordings. The following are all tg's I have seen on p25 site 4 that have a prefix and are active at the same time according to Unitrunker logs and what's seen in Sdrtrunk.

53 and 20053 Sheriff
149 and 20149 Medcom Central
151 and 20151 Medcom East
161 and 20161 Fres Command
231 and 20231 Troop L
3803 and 23803 Command Band
3811 and 23811 Sclerg

Recent db additions,

23811 SCLERG 1. The actual Sclerg tg would be 3811 without the 2 prefix. 3811 should also be entered in the db and both 3811 and 23811 have been active at the same time on site 4 and neither have been seen on site 3. I have also seen 3811 active without 23811 being active. I can submit for addition if needed.

23903 SCLERG 2. Same thing. Sclerg 2 is 3903 without the 2 prefix, but 3903 on SmartZone is 62448 and its labeled as MDC help. Did the MDC tg change? I also do not have any voice activity on either 3903 or 23903 on the P25 system in the last 3 weeks. It was active prior though with on and off activity. I do not see anything other than 1 voice grant on 62448 on SmartZone in the last week.

23951 Public Safety. This would be 3951 and in the past, 3951 and 23951 were active on site 4 but not site 3. 3951 was in heavy use by I believe NYSPD units during the George Floyd protests but that may have been temporary use. The tg has not had activity in the last week. I do not believe Suffolk has its own "public safety" but they do have Auxiliary Police.

30001 Willy Unit. It was posted here, [link] that Willy units are Northwell Paramedic fly cars. I cant confirm so to who ever can confirm, can you make a submission for change?

[ Edited Tue Apr 20 2021, 02:29pm ]
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