Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Mon Jan 02 2017, 09:35pm

It has been some time since I've updated the members of the site with some of the plans I have for launched in October 2005 as a way to listen to Nassau FD over the internet.  This was before listening to scanner feeds was as popular as it is today.  Since those days, we've added several new scanner feeds, some are still here, and others have been long gone.   There have been a few changes to the website design and to some of the features that we bring.

In the next year, I would love to push forward and finally get to some of the items that have been sitting in the "to do"list for way too long.  With home projects and a 3 year old to take care of, time has not been there for me.  In addition to running and maintaining, I've been busy working scanner sales and programming plus Unication Pager products on   For the most part, Monitor Long Island, Inc. is the parent or business side of

So without any further delay, here are some of the changes I hope to bring in 2017:
  • Remote Radio will be replaced. The PCR-1000 will be swapped with a BCD536HP
    • We are swapping for several reasons.  The Software for the PCR-Server hasn't been updated in some time
    • We won't need to rely on 3 pieces of software to serve the radio
    • BCD536HP supports Trunking, P25 Phase 2, and DMR
    • It has a familiar interface
    • Will support software (Windows) and have a Web Interface as well
    • Goal: Early 2017
  • Unitrunker exports
    • With the release of UniTrunker 2.x, updates to the website should become more frequent
    • I would like to see this be a daily or weekly update if possible
    • Goal: Mid 2017
  • Replacement of the website
    • Swap e107 for Joomla setup
    • e107's development has slowed through the years
    • Joomla is one of the more popular web platforms out there and is more advanced than e107
    • Forums will be updated and support features lacking in e107
    • Tapatalk integration for mobile devices
    • Dynamic web themes for Desktop / Tablet / Mobile devices
    • Goal: By end of 2017
There are plenty of features we plan to keep, and hopefully enhance.   The premium memberships will still be here, but I hope to add more features to premium members only.  The live scanner feeds and archives will also remain.

The swap to Joomla is not something that will be easy.  There is no tool available to convert all the data and tables from e107 to Joomla.  Moving away from e107 and into Joomla has been something I've wanted to do for a while, and I'm hoping that by the end of the year, we'll have made the swap.

We look forward to serving your monitoring needs for the long term, and if there are any suggestions or items you wish to see added to the site, please feel free to let me know.

Happy New Year
Phil / W2LIE

Re: Roadmap for 2017
Tylerhav, Mon Jan 09 2017, 02:00am

What is remote Radio feature? Thanks. 😀

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Thu Jan 26 2017, 02:12am

Here is the info on the Remote Radio: [link]
Basically, its a radio that you can control and listen to remotely. It is overdue for an overhaul.

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Thu Jan 26 2017, 02:16am

Just an update so you know that things here haven't stalled out.....

I spent a few hours today working on the code for the live feeds.
On the administrative side, I've changed how I catalog the live feeds. Going forward, this will make things easier to manage on the servers, and I still need to go back and move the older files. I'll script those in at a later date, since it's not harming anything where they are now.

Also, we had an issue were if a file was recorded, but was 0 bytes, it would still make it's way into the live feed archives and take up space. I've added a check into the live feed code for these types of files.

The next step is to pull the zero byte listings from the archive database. Again - a cosmetic change to the backend that really won't be seen by anyone, but has been on my list for a long time to fix.

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Tue Mar 07 2017, 12:43pm

Another update

The Joomla swap has begun. This will be a long process to move the site from the current platform to Joomla, but seeing how much work is involved has not slowed me down yet.

There are a few things on the current e107 platform that look very promising, but after weighing all the pros and cons, I'm still thinking the move to Joomla is the best decision for this site and the community that uses it.

Re: Roadmap for 2017
DC2DLSDR, Tue Mar 07 2017, 05:22pm

w2lie wrote ...

Another update

The Joomla swap has begun. This will be a long process to move the site from the current platform to Joomla, but seeing how much work is involved has not slowed me down yet.

There are a few things on the current e107 platform that look very promising, but after weighing all the pros and cons, I'm still thinking the move to Joomla is the best decision for this site and the community that uses it.

Will the new platform be the 3.6.5 version which is tried & true or the new 3.7 version? Also any update on the SDR checkout icon? I'm chomping at the bit to buy the new Airspy HF+. Thanks for the updates.

Re: Roadmap for 2017
Dave3825us, Tue Mar 07 2017, 07:53pm

DC2DLSDR wrote ...

Also any update on the SDR checkout icon? I'm chomping at the bit to buy the new Airspy HF+. Thanks for the updates.

Where is the SDR check out icon? Never saw that?


Re: Roadmap for 2017
DC2DLSDR, Tue Mar 07 2017, 11:41pm

It's not up & running yet, he's still working on it.

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Wed Mar 08 2017, 01:44am

That's correct. The new shopping cart will arrive sometime this year, and will include new items, such as SDR's. If you are interested in buying one before the cart goes live, I can give you a link for the category so you can get to buying!

If you are interested, here is the a full Road Map for Monitor Long Island, Inc. It includes all of the updates planned for


And to answer the other question, Joomla will sit on the 3.6.x platform for now.

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Wed Mar 15 2017, 02:13am

This past weekend the live feed page was updated to support Windows 10 devices.  They didn't like the call to Windows Media Player, so it was swapped out to support HTML5's "audio" tag.
The ProScan feeds were updated to 12.0, the latest copy of ProScan.

The User List from this site has now been populated into the Joomla site. We are making some baby steps into the new platform.
We still need to move all of the main content.

Then we'll need to map all the downloads.

Once that is done, I'll install phpbb3 and bridge it with Joomla and then the real fun begins. This is where I am expecting to run into a lot of long hours moving data.

Then we'll be ready to go live with the new site! Stay tuned!

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Sat May 06 2017, 12:18am

It has been just shy of 2 months since my last update...... and for good reasons.    I have been working behind the scenes to finish off another project.  

I am happy to announce that this past week, I’ve launched a new business brand.    I think we can all admit that the Monitor Long Island, Inc. website was lacking a friendly user interface for not just all the products I sell, but especially for the Unication information.

As of May 1st, all of my Unication sales will be under the name East Coast Pagers.   I’ve integrated a brand new shopping cart that gives me the ability to offer promotions, custom product packages, and even limit my marketing footprint (selling the G4/G5 in only my selected market).

This was a long time coming, and I’m happy to finally have it off the ground and running.

In addition to the website I’ve also setup a mailing list to reach out to those interested, instead of them waiting to reach out to me.  On the social media front, I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, G+, Skype, Snapchat, and Whatsapp, to hopefully communicate with any customers where they are comfortable communicating.  You can get all the links at [link]

Now that East Coast Pagers is off the ground and running, I'll be populating some more paging related goodies to the catalog.  I would suggest you watch our social media feeds and maybe sign up for the newsletter for the upcoming details.   And in the next month or so, the Monitor Long Island site will go through the same type of facelift.

Thanks for all the past years of success and I’m hoping that by rebranding, I can offer many more!

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Mon Jun 19 2017, 11:04am

Thanks to all of you who have signed up and followed East Coast Pagers.    The new business is off to a great start !
I'm not done building that site yet, and more content will be released on 7/1.   So if you haven't done so yet, please sign up for the Newsletter  to stay informed about your new products, sales, and information.

The site might be taking a left turn instead of a right turn for the next release.   I'm not saying right or wrong, I'm just saying the course might be changing a little from where I had originally planned.    This basically means that I am not 100% set now that Joomla + phpbb is the way to go.    My concern is that I need a piece of software called a "bridge" to link the Joomla and phpbb platforms together.    The issue is that this bridge is not maintained or created by either the Joomla or phpbb developers, and things might break with updates.   I believe at the current date, Joomla is the #2 ranked CMS in use on the net.

My thought now is to move to the #1 ranked CMS, Wordpress.    I've been using WP for years and I am very surprised at how flexible it can be.    The benefit here is that I am very familiar with WP and if we moved to Joomla, I would need to learn the ins and outs of that CMS.

I don't see why WP can't be a good fit for the site.   Like our current platform, the Forums are maintained by the core developers, but WP supplies them as separate plug-ins.    WordPress is in active development and has a very large developer community.

If it looks like Wordpress will work as a replacement for this tired looking e107 site, I'll start putting out some teaser screenshots.    Right now, I have WordPress + Buddypress + bbpress running in a test environment and it's looking good so far.


Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Sun Jul 30 2017, 10:57pm

Good progress has been made in July!

Wordpress + Buddypress + bbpress is looking good. I have things operating and talking nicely together. Some visuals need to be addressed, but the core end of things are progressing nicely.

One of the biggest hurdles was addressed Friday night and the forums are slowly being copied from the e107 site over to the new staging site. This was one of those dreaded parts of the process that I didn't know how well it would work. I'm happy to see I'll be keeping my hair (won't be pulling it out over this one).

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Wed Aug 09 2017, 03:41am

All of the forum topics to date have been migrated over. Now that I have the code squared away, I can easily migrate any new topics in batches to keep the new site in sync with the existing (this) site.

Now onto moving the core content, users, and finally - the downloads! Getting closer!

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Sat Sep 23 2017, 08:56pm

Users were migrated over to the new platform today. 11138 of us, in good standing, now have an account on the new website. It's not open for business yet, but we are one step closer.

I need to move over the core content and downloads.

Finally, a theme/layout will need to be addressed. All in good time I guess!

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Tue Oct 17 2017, 02:30am

Most of the "Frequencies and Codes" pages have been moved over to the new site, as well as all of the site news.
I think I've picked a new layout for the site.

All to be moved over now are the downloads and member classes (and the left over stuff from "Frequencies and Codes")

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Tue Feb 06 2018, 02:55am

Time for an update..

We stalled out on the migration in October to work on the launch of " Scanner School".

Scanner School launched as scheduled on January 2, 2018 and is now entering it's second month. I'm happy to say that the project is working very well and we already have over 1,000 unique downloads! 

Once we have Scanner School operating to a point where we have some content batched and ready to go, we'll return our attention to the W2LIE migration.

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Mon Mar 26 2018, 04:57pm

Migration has resumed.

The download categories have been copied over and now we are starting the massive migration of all of the downloads.
There are over a million lines that need to be repointed for this to happen.

Re: Roadmap for 2017
in8sworld, Tue Mar 27 2018, 07:50pm

Good luck! I moved a site from Drupal to phpBB last year because upgrading Drupal was just a pain. Updating phpBB is must easier.

Re: Roadmap for 2017
w2lie, Wed Jun 06 2018, 12:29am

Update for May / June 2018

I had a week off from work and sat down to finish this long overdue move to Wordpress. The only thing left to move was the downloads and the premium content.
And that's where I hit a snag.

It wasn't going to be an easy task (or something that was even possible) to figure out. So I've had to scrap the idea of moving over to wordpress.

We are back on the Joomla train and hopefully I can get that one figured out. I've been watching some tutorials and since Joomla is a lot like e107, I am hoping that a lot of the back end with the database tables more aligns than it did with WP.

So - back to square 1......