New P25 system found
Dave3825us, Mon Jun 14 2021, 08:00pm

If anyone gets any hits on any of these freqs would you be kind enough to post which freq and where you are located?

Network: BEE00.4F0

Site: 1.117

171.725 CC
173.725 CC

Site: 1.122 NAC=4F2

171.4625 CC SCC
171.6875 CC SCC

Site 1.118

173.550 CC
168.9875 ACC


Re: New P25 system found
GTR8000, Mon Jun 14 2021, 10:00pm

Link to the system in the RRDB (it's still in staging so it won't show up publicly yet)


Re: New P25 system found
Dave3825us, Wed Jun 16 2021, 01:07am

Site 122

Federal Courthouse, Central Islip.

Re: New P25 system found
Dave3825us, Thu Jun 24 2021, 07:21pm

Is anyone in Nassau or beyond receiving any signal on either 170.8375 or 171.6125 ? Site was coming in real strong the other day but not so much anymore.

Re: New P25 system found
Dave3825us, Tue Jun 29 2021, 01:49pm

Anyone at all receiving any of he above?

Re: New P25 system found
dopplerbob, Wed Jul 07 2021, 10:50am

I hear the 170.8375 only during band openings. I think it is from NJ or Philly area to tell you the truth. If it was Nassau, I think I would hear them all the time unless it is super low power. Not hearing them right now. Was hearing them the other morning, and at the same time I was hearing some Philly FBI freqs. and also Hampton Roads Virginia on CG channel 16. Hence a band opening from the south / west. Seems to correspond with when I hear that freq.
Milford, Ct.